Health & Wellness A $3.4 Trillion Industry

Physique LV PhotoOk… folks, are you ready for the explosion of the technological age and the hottest industry out there? Yes, that right, the fitness and wellness industry is the next major economic powerhouse, leaving traditional brick and mortar business’s a thing of the past. Traditional jobs are disappearing because of  technology. A $3.4 trillion wellness market is waiting for you to capitalize on. If you want it! Global Statistics & Facts  If you want to make a real difference in people’s lives, you might want to keep reading. Ideas of people change the world.  Are you tired of being oppressed in a meaningless job just scraping by? You can earn part-time or big time money. If you have been unjustly held back, you don’t need to take it anymore. If you have been slighted or ignored, maybe its time to fight back. They didn’t teach network marketing in school, but if you are ready to ride the wave of the future, it might be time to take a look at this industry. Stop trading hours for dollars! Network marketing is definitely a better way. Network marketing is a $182 billion industry and 200 million people worldwide are paid in commissions. Here’s why its so attractive… 1) start up cost is under $2000, vs. traditional business’s start up cost running anywhere from $150,000 to $1,000,000. Network marketing is home based, online and part-time. Who wouldn’t want more time freedom and leveraged income to build your own dreams, not someone else’s? Where else can you trust a company to assume all the risk and get paid handsomely to passionately  share a product to create a global distribution network for a mere $1,200 start up fee? Start thinking outside the box, because your future, economic stability and retirement depend on it. My nutracuetical company has a breakthrough medical technology no one else has with category creating products that is changing the world. Its called Nrf2 To Learn More about Nrf2 We are a ground floor opportunity and publicly traded on the NASDAQ. I’m looking for a few people to join my team and make dreams come true. If you are ready contact me.

Time Saving Pilates Workout

pilates Sarah 09 177Now that the kids are back to school its time to take care of yourself. Start your body transformation by getting to the CORE of the matter. Why do Pilates exercise?  For one reason, no one has hours to spend lifting weights and doing cardio machines several times per week doing traditional exercise. Pilates is a time saving, intelligent movement system that takes only 20 minutes to work the entire body including cardio for weight loss. Pilates systematically targets the cores stabilization muscles as well as the entire neuro-muscular  system creating new patterns promoting flexibility, strength, balance and cardio. The focus in Pilates is the pelvic floor and the spine.  All major components to a well rounded and balance fitness routine. Done 2 – 3 times per week for 20 minutes you will feel, see and get the results that you are looking for that would take much longer doing traditional  exercises. Some other added benefits of Pilates include better posture and feeling taller after your workout, moving with much more grace and control and feeling emotionally uplifted and refreshed. Why Easton-Foxboro Pilates?

The Fascinating Fascial Web

IMAG0477-2-2How could healthcare have missed such an important component of our human health and healing. We were all taught in medical school that the fascia system was just an insulator and a fat conductor. The fascial system was too irrelevant to pay much attention to it. Thank goodness times are changing.  We now look at the fascial system as an incredible life force that is energetic and full of memories. Its what sustains us in movement. We know that pain and dysfunction in our bodies are almost always due to a fascial restriction which coupled with gravity’s downward pull, puts over 2000 pounds per square inch of pressure into sensitive structures like nerves and blood vessels. This can cause headaches, joint pain, inflammation and many other painful conditions. Fascia surrounds all our organs and a restriction can pull the organs our of alignment just like our joints get out of alignment.  Our bodies are amazing self correcting mechanisms. When given the right tools it heals itself. Painful subconscious holding patterns will keep repeating over and over which is sometimes called the pain cycle. Healthcare only medicates or offers temporary solutions which does not get to the root of the problem.  The John Barnes MFR technique is different from other techniques because it is gentle pressure into the restricted area until you feel the release. This can take up to 5 minutes or longer. Don’t underestimate your body’s own intelligent wisdom.  Take the time to feel into your own intuition and see what happens. I promise with practice you will become more enlightened.

Boost Your Happy Endorphins!

Challenge to Change photoHappiness is subjective. What makes one person happy is different from what makes another person happy. What we all do have in common is when you find your happy place its magic and it spreads like wildfire to others. Happiness is contagious, if you want it to be. But not everyone wants to catch the happiness bug. We all know that person no matter what you do to please them all your efforts are for nothing. Feeling good is an inside job. No one or thing can make you happy. You can’t force happiness just like you can’t force anything else you just meet resistance. Here are some ideas to keep happiness flowing.         1. Observe the happiness of others and surround yourself with happy people. 2. Value close relationships. 3.Eat plenty of raw natural foods. 4.Move, move, move, exercise to boost good endorphins. 5. Volunteer in your community. 6. Spend 15 minutes a day meditating and being grateful. 7. Get at least 6-7 hours of sleep each night. 8. Keep your mind active and challenge your brain. Happiness is a decision and a strong commitment to self. Start today and decide whether you want happiness or not.

August Summer Shape Up!

Why Pilates? Pwaist measurement blk & white outfitilates exercise targets the core muscles of your torso. This includes a lot of muscles both in the front and back of the body. The concept is to work deeper in the belly to activate muscles that lengthen the entire body including arms and legs. A weak core can causes back and neck pain, decreased balance and injuries to all other joints because of imbalances in the muscular-skeletal system. You tire more easily, your legs feel heavy and compression of joints cause pain. When you strengthen the core your whole body becomes stronger and you feel taller because you are lifting out of the compressed spine. Its really a no brainer but Pilates is mindful as you need your brain to train the muscles. Without awareness there can be no change. With awareness you can break free old hurtful holding patterns and free your body. Pilates gives the muscles a long lean look because the workout promotes telescoping of the limbs and reaching away from the core causing plenty of core activation. So give Pilates a try and see if you don’t agree.

The Body Speaks! Are you Listening?

body rolling photoMeet us on Tuesday February 16, 4:30 pm for muscle melting mania. A guided visual meditation through the body using foam rolls, and small balls to apply light to moderate pressure into the fascial system. Learn to feel releases from restrictions that cause compression, headaches, backaches and much more.  Come away with self-treatment techniques with handouts and a ball. Start living a more active pain free lifestyle.                                            Call to register! 508 208-6884.

“Muscle Melt” Myofascial Release

foam_rollerRelieve stress and muscle tension using foam rolls and 4″ balls. body rolling photoThis guided visual meditation through the body brings a higher awareness to the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Avoid pain medication and let your body feel so you can heal.  WORKSHOP  TWO PART SERIES: Tuesday February 9 & 16, 4:30 pm.                   CALL TO REGISTER 508 208-6884

Weight Management & Lifestyle Changes!

waist measurement blk & white outfitMeet Us Every Saturday, 8:45- 9:30 am 

Is looking, feeling and performing better on top of your to do list? How’s it going out there? If long term successful weight loss has eluded you thus far, then you might want to read more. Only 8% of people who go on a “diet” to lose weight permanently are successful. Pretty poor statistics, right? Quick fixes and fad diets, like high protein, no carbs don’t last. Juicing or protein shaking and skipping meals may be a quick fix, fat loss, but impossible to maintain.  Most people gain all the weight back and more. Lets get real around weight loss solutions.  If it were as simple as eating healthy, balanced meals and doing fat burning exercise, none of us would have a weight problem. So then, what is the problem? Lets look at personal behavior, lifestyle and the American diet. Making personal changes in any area of your life, requires a transformation that starts on the inside. Yes, that’s right!  Lets look at the deep rooted causes of overeating, poor lifestyle choices and sedentary behaviors. Even if you think you are eating healthy and exercising properly, you may be surprised at the obstacles stopping you from reaching your ideal weight. Meetings include: weigh- ins, measurements, open discussions on challenges and success’s, healthy meal planning,  recipe sharing, food apps, exercise and fat burning myths, goal pant size planning and much more. Call Judy @ 508 208-6884.

90 Day Fit & Weight Loss Management

PHYSIQ LAUNCHMaximize your genetic potential. Let’s Get Real around long term weight loss management. Here’s the deal! Obesity has doubled in 1980 worldwide. 600 million people worldwide are obese. In 2013 there were 42 million obese children. Obesity kills more people worldwide than famine and starvation. The serious health risks include type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, increased blood pressure and heart attacks and cancer. So it’s no surprise that the weight management market is a 650.9 billion dollar industry in 2015. A 69% growth since 2010. So the real question here is why do so many people fail at weight loss? Only 8% succeed in their weight loss goals. The truth is in part in the gut. You must restore the gut flora or good bacteria because 80% of your immune system is in your gut. Metabolic re-balancing is a stress reducer and mood enhancer. The solution is in this break through science where science meets the wellness industry and its called PHYSIQ a  three step weight management program. #1 It includes a Physio probiotic that restores gut flora and maintains good gut bacteria and supports the immune system. It contains wellmune a yeast to support overall health and sinetrol a blend of citrus extract to support weight loss. . #2  Physio fat burner capsule. #3 Protein shake with 70 calories. Rebuilds muscles and free of GMO’s and soy and sweetened with steevia and organic cane sugar. If there was ever a product out there to help with weight loss this is a real solution. Coupled with exercise and lifestyle changes PHYSIQ is a win win formula.

Put More Zing in Your Swing!

Pilates For GolfWant to get an edge on your golf or tennis game? Pilates golf and tennis clinic  offers strength training and good body mechanics for the golf and tennis swing. A strong supported spine will improve the strength of your swing and protect your back from injury. Next clinic is on Saturday December 5th @ 11:30 am.  Registration required.