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  Merry Fitness ***30 Day Body Challenge***                                                                         November 21 - December 21.                                                                                                                  Don't wait for January! You need this NOW! Stay on track through the HOLIDAYS only 15 minutes a day with these fat busting, heart pumping, uplifting exercises, 15 minutes WAM! BAM!  Your done!



Myofascial Pain Release

fascia_up_closeSurgery, trauma, poor posture all create dysfunction and muscular imbalance, creating 1000 pounds of pressure on sensitive structures. Has traditional therapies failed? Try myofascial release.

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Introductory Special

One Month Of Unlimited Pilates classes.  Includes 2 private lessons and group classes.  New clients only.  Expires 30 days after purchase.                                                            






New To Pilates?


Merry Fitness Challenge

Join me in my 30 day love your body campaign through the holidays. Meal plan, 15 minutes a day of fat burning exercises, check-in meetings and good gut bacteria for weight loss.

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Class Series Expire 60 Days After Purchase


Money On Account

Choose a pre-determined amount to place on your Pilates and or MFR account. Each time you take a class, MFR session or buy merchandise,  your account will be deducted. You will be notified when your account is low.

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Class Series Savings

Save $$ and purchase a series of classes. Group classes require     3 -6 people in each class.

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Abs-solute Core

Pilates Mat & Booty Barre! Sculpt and cinch an inch off your waist in 6 weeks. Get back into those pre-baby jeans and lil black dress.  

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Prenatal Group/Private Classes

pregnant belliesLabor is hard work! Minimize low back stress and prepare your pelvic floor and core for the big day. Strengthen, stretch and breathe in a controlled setting. A fast- track  to fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans.  MD note required.



Events & Workshops

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Back Pain Clinic

Get Your Back On Track 

pilates-sarah-09-188Poor posture, inflammation, prolonged sitting, scar tissue, stress and emotional trauma all contribute to the pain body. Learn how to relief tension and restriction by strengthening the core muscles using Pilates principles for a longer more pain free carry over. Offered September 26 & 28, 5:30 - 6:30 pm




Group Body Mind Melt

"BODY MIND MELT CLASS"  3 part series 1.5 hr session

Delve deep into the fascial system using balls with just the right resistance. A guided body meditation through your minds eye. Learn to quiet the mind and reconnect to your body. Listen to your fascia's intelligent communication. A lasting technique for longer relief. Treat yourself everyday and live a pain free active lifestyle. Includes self treatment handouts and ball.   Offered Saturdays's 9/30, 10/7, 10/14 @ 10:30 - 12:00 pm.


Myofascial Release