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Start your Pilates body transformation with 3 private introductory lessons. REGISTER BELOW! 

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Myofascial Pain Release

fascia_up_closeSurgery, trauma, poor posture all create dysfunction and muscular imbalance, creating 1000 pounds of pressure on sensitive structures. Has traditional therapies failed? Try myofascial release.

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Introductory Special

What better way to be introduced to Pilates than taking 2/45 minute lessons on the reformer, mat and tower and see if Pilates is for you.                                                          






New To Pilates?


Pilates March MAT-ness!

Pilates March Mat-ness all month long! Get in shape fast with these progressive mat moves that will sculpt, tone and reshape your body.

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Group or Private Back Pain Clinic

Get Your Back On Track 

pilates-sarah-09-188Poor posture, inflammation, prolonged sitting, scar tissue, stress and emotional trauma all contribute to the pain body. Learn how to relief tension and restriction by strengthening the core muscles using Pilates and Myofascial Release principles for a longer more pain free carry over.  Call to schedule an appointment.




Group Body Melt & Fascial Release

"BODY MIND MELT CLASS" Group Myofascial Pain Release

Delve deep into the fascial system using balls with just the right resistance. A guided body meditation through your minds eye. Learn to quiet the mind and reconnect to your body. Listen to your fascia's intelligent communication. A lasting technique for longer relief. Treat yourself everyday and live a pain free active lifestyle. Includes self treatment handouts and ball.   Offered Monday April 2, 4:30 pm -6:00 pm.


Myofascial Release